Digging for Data

With mountains of hybrid information, some of it electronic, some of it hard copy, finding data coherence and cohesiveness in your organization can seem like a daunting task. Questions abound, such as:

  1. Which form of data should our company prefer?
  2. How do I utilize hardcopy or free-form, unstructured data that exists on paper and combine it effectively with electronic data sources?
  3. What is the best way to access and incorporate hardcopy data into my overall data management flow?

Automated Data Collection, Capture and Distribution Solutions – MorganRecordsManagement.com

Most small business could benefit from better data collection, capture and distribution. More than 80% of corporate information is trapped in unstructured content—our goal is to make that data actionable. Many small companies with as little as five employees could see positive results if they could simply harness the power and potential of every piece of business information and maximize its usefulness to the company.

The question is: How? (and at what price?)


Imagine a business environment where data contained in hardcopy forms no longer needs to undergo manual data entry processes. Instead, hardcopy documents and forms are scanned and the information they contain (including handwriting) is then sent to the appropriate internal or external systems, partners, and database resources so that it can be utilized and maximized for optimal processing impact?

Automated Data Collection, Capture and Distribution Solutions – MorganRecordsManagement.com


Imagine and intelligent document recognition (IDR) platform that can automatically capture your company’s business critical information from both structured and unstructured documentation. Morgan Records has the ability to make errors and omissions a thing of the past. With state of the art contextual recognition and algorithm-based machine learning, your data’s integrity is maintained and in many cases improved.


Imagine a system that distributes and delivers your valuable company information to recipients, databases, and other company resources so that it can be processed and used effectively within your specific environment! Morgan Records can direct your data to many kinds of data integrators securely.

Give Morgan Records Management a call today and ask about our Intelligent Document Capture capabilities and stop digging for data!

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