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Digitizing History

The Challenge

The Best Technology

How do you gather, organize, extract and distil economic and statistical data from fifty years’ worth of hardcopy, hard-bound text books?

When Harvard Library began their massive historical research project last year, which would require culling through the data contained in over 2,500 hardcopy volumes, they knew that to facilitate actually using the information, their methodology would require digitization on a massive scale. The project administrators needed a way to efficiently extract the data from these books while minimizing errors.

They decided that scanning these books, and submitting them to an optical character recognition (OCR) process, would be the very best way gain access to the wealth of information these books contained but had never been accessible electronically. And while the project administrators had access to book scanners owned by the various libraries on campus, they also knew that their local equipment, labor, and resources would not be able to meet the workload their project would demand. They needed to find a local, professional, experienced scanning bureau that would be responsive, dedicated to the quality of the project, and committed to meeting the schedule that this project demanded.


Book Scanning, Formatting and OCR – MorganRecordsManagement.com

Custom eBook Formats

The Choice

After an exhaustive search and interview process, Harvard Library decided to hire Morgan Records Management, LLC, a scanning bureau and HIPAA certified records management company located in Manchester, NH. Morgan Records’ proximity to Cambridge, MA, where Harvard University is located, their experience and care handling antique documents, and their ability to scan large, hard-bound volumes made Morgan Records Management the ideal partner in completing this project.

Morgan Records Management, LLC has become one of New England’s premier document scanning service providers. Dan Fawcett, Morgan’s Senior VP of Sales, and a managing partner of the company believes that a successful project comes down to choosing the right kind of partner.

“The right team with the wrong players will lose,” Fawcett says. “I make it my business to find the very best resources, processes, equipment, technology, and personnel to exceed the needs of my clients. If you’re not committed to doing what it takes to meet and exceed client expectations, then you’ll probably be out of business pretty quickly.”

Book Scanning, Formatting and OCR – MorganRecordsManagement.com

The number of document scanning companies has increased over the past few years. The options available to potential clientele are numerous. But caution should be exercised in choosing the right partner.

Dan Fawcett has seen some real messes. He continues, “I’ve seen everything from security leaks to lost data to poor quality. You name it, I’ve seen it. Listen, document scanning is so much more than just setting up a computer and a scanner, sticking the paper in and then pressing start. It takes a broad and deep knowledge-base to consistently produce for every client every time.”

Morgan Records Book Scanning – Download our Info Sheet!

Harvard knows. With their current scanning project currently complete, they’re turning their attention to what’s coming down the road. There is a mountain of information to be unlocked in the universities and libraries of the world. When you have the right team, made of the right players, you win.


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