What John Podesta Can Teach Us About Email Security

Do you currently use your email to transfer sensitive electronic documents or data? If so, you shouldn’t. Here’s why:


What’s A Record Anyway? Part 2

Records Are the Air We Breathe. If you’re in business, part of your business is, unavoidably, records storage, retention and management. Why? Because records are the breath in our business’s lungs, they are the blood in our business’ veins. In fact, records are so central to all of business that you can’t even open your … Continue reading What’s A Record Anyway? Part 2

What’s a Record Anyway? Part 1

Not Everything’s a Record. So, what is a ‘record’ anyway? There is a lot of confusion out there about what constitutes a business record and what you might simply call ‘information’. Now, it’s true that a record is not less than information, but it certainly is a whole lot more as well. Information is the … Continue reading What’s a Record Anyway? Part 1